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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”
– Pablo Picasso

A classical opera singer & voice teacher by trade,

I have always been interested in art, but never formally trained on it. A few years ago I had the opportunity to attend a pastel demonstration by Robin Frisella. I immediately fell in love with the style and vibrant nature of the medium, and began watching online beginner videos and attending various classes/workshops taught by accomplished local pastel artists. This improved my painting skills dramatically and brought my work to a completely different level.

Mena Levit

My favorite subjects are flowers, animals, still life, and more recently, portraits. I’m convinced that art must go far beyond technique in order to touch people’s hearts. As a performer, with a significant musical theater background I often find myself attracted to the story behind the character, and try to bring my own personal experience and feelings into my paintings by capturing a very specific emotion and moment. Being able to accomplish this with soft pastels, pencils, and my fingers seems absolutely magical to me, and the results of the creative process never cease to amaze me. Art, like music has become another language of my soul. It offers a fascinating journey of unlimited possibilities for self-expression, and makes me feel free, happy, and complete. I hope my paintings will speak to you too.

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